Invitation To The Most Determined Youth In The World


‘We’ve come from the four sides of the World
We speak different languages and understand each other
We are green branches from the world tree
There’s a nation called youth, we are from it.’

Nazım Hikmet RAN
World-Famous Turkish Poet

Nazım Hikmet

The monopolar world order of imperialist-capitalist system, the archenemy of mankind, has been cracking. We know another world is possible in that every nation can live in peace and security, all humanity can live fairly and equally without war and exploitation. We hear the voice of the humanity coming from beneath the surface. We are not waiting to see the rise of the new world that we are missing. We are working to create that world.

We can defeat the fatuity, superficiality, individualism and consumption culture imposed by neo-liberalism. We can mount up and establish a new world by producing and sharing.

We are the majority. We are the genuine, truehearted and respectful owners of the world. Everything, such as the discovery of new planets, development of new treatments in health, exploration of new energy sources, enhancement of houses and shelters, must be used for all humanity not for the benefit of imperialists.

We are aware of the youth’s share of constructing the new world. We are the biggest power of struggle for freedom, equality and national independence in our countries. We are meeting in order to learn from the practices of our struggle together, share our opinions mutually and increase our international collaboration. We are gathering with the tens of youth organizations and hundreds of comrades from the seven continents for discussing the youth’s part in the all areas like politics, economy, society, culture and art.

We invite you, the most determined youth of the world, to the meeting for the International Anti-imperialist Youth Meeting against imperialist aggression, terrorism and futurelessness in 17-23 March 2018 in Turkey, the cradle of many civilizations, Istanbul and the capital of our republic, Ankara.

We are experiencing the historic days that American imperialism, along with its puppet terrorist organizations, has started to be defeated and lost its hegemony all over the world on the one hand; the nations and workers, resisting for an independent and free life, is coming to the forefront by using their initiative on the other. We will take our future into our own hands and embrace our history. We are the hope of today and will be the light for tomorrow.

Let’s greaten the hope and the light together!

International Anti-imperialist Youth Meeting
Preparatory Committee
World Anti-imperialist Youth Union - Executive Committee
Youth Union of Turkey
Patriotic Party (Turkey) - Vanguard Youth


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